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Weekend-golfer.com is helping weekend golfers of all skill levels get more enjoyment from their golf game. Over time I have learned many things, one in particular was not trying to be all things to all people. Therefore, I am now going to focus on the items that I use and have found to really improve my enjoyment play and also scoring. You won't find everything here, only what works.

The Long and Short of Golf

The Key to Hitting Straighter
and Longer - Today.

Remember, the driver determines how high your score is, the putter determines how low your score is. Golf starts from the tee box, not from the green. Donít ruin your round from the tee box.

I wish I had said that, but it is a quote from Quiet Golf by Lance Reader, President of Krank Golf.

Check out the Krank Golf Formula 7 Driver.

Lateral Line Traditional Putter

L2 Lateralline Traditional Putter

Size does matter. It's worth the "weight"

I got a new putter!
Recently I was having some trouble with my putter, it simply was not working as I expected it should. I have since replaced my old putter. I now have a putter I can stand behind with no reservations.

Click through to get more information and watch my video using the L2 Lateral Line Traditional Putter!!

For more information and SPECIAL PRICING, click, Lateral Line Traditional Putter.

Copper Tech Golf Glove

Innovation Never Seen Before in a Golf Glove

The Whippy - TempoMaster

The innovative Copper Tech gloves, made for both men and ladies, are like having three gloves in one.

  1. First, each glove is made with form flex technology designed with a compression fot so one size fits all. Copper Tech gloves expand and contract to fit men and women sizes small to extra-large.
  2. Second, Copper Tech gloves are engineered with a non-slip patent-pending spider weave silicon technolgy which reduces wear and allows golfers to grip the club with less tension while improving slip resistance, even in wel conditions.
  3. Third, the glove's woven copper-infused compression technology helps soothe joint and muscle pain while helping to relieve pain in arthritic hands.

I recently had a personal situation I need to tell you about, please check it out on the Copper Tech Golf Glove page.

The Whippy - TempoMaster

The most effective golf training club you will ever use!

The Whippy - TempoMaster The Whippy - TempoMaster

For years and years golfers have always felt that there was something lacking in their ability to learn to swing the golf club. Golfers have taken lesson after lesson only to hear the same old stuff. You are too handsy. You're not making your shoulder turns. You need to swing the club head and not hit with your hands and arms from the top and so on.

The best thing about The Whippy TempoMaster is you are developing a feel for your swing while you are hitting balls not just siwinging a device aimlessly through the air with no visual ball flight and no feel of ball contact. Visual ball flight, the feel of ball contact, the weight of the club head swinging, and the flex, or lack of flex, in the shaft is what makes The Whippy TempoMaster so effective.

For more information please click, The Whippy - TempoMaster.

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Don't play with dirty clubs - it is costing you strokes

Spotless Swing Golf Towel

Lower Your Scores:
Golfing with clean clubs optimize your performance, increasing distance, accuracy and backspin.

With Spotless Swing behind your swing, youíre ready for every shot Ė 1st hole to the 18th!

Spotless Swing is now used by more than 30 professionals on the PGA and Champions Tours includingrecent US Open and Masters winners.

For more information and SPECIAL PRICING, click, Spotless Swing Golf Towel.

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