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My Fitting for TPT Golf Shafts

There are three Club Champion locations in and around Chicago, IL. I decided that the Willowbrook location would be the best. I got an appointment set up really easily and on Monday, April 8th I would get fit for a new TPT Golf shaft. I have never gone through a fitting before like this and was really looking forward to see if what I thought was the shaft for me, was infact the best shaft for my game.

I arrived promptly at 9am and met with master fitter and club builder, Roger Paiz. Roger walked me through the process step by step so I had a perfect idea of what was going to happen, how the information gathered would be used, and why the decision for a specific shaft was best for me.

I was going to hit balls using different TPT Golf shafts and with a driver head similar to mine. We worked through the selection of shafts while keeping a record of the data collected. But, first we used my current driver to have a baseline of my swing and numbers.

We would be using a Trackman Golf Simmulator to track and record the "numbers" regarding my golf shots. This would take all the emotion out of the equation making a decision, the numbers would reveal the absolute best shaft for me. Here is a list of what items were collected for each hit of the ball:


I am not going to go into each item, I will leave that for you to do when you schedule a fitting. One number that really jumped out for me was my swing speed, I rationalized the results by feeling I wasn't really muscle ready, and I have aged over the years. It is what it is and I can only try to get into ready mode as summer approaches.

I was rewarded by learning my swing was working well for me in the areas of Smash Factor and Spin Rate.

I now have to wait, patiently, for my new club to be ready. I know I am ready for this golf season. Once the club is ready I will return to Club Champion for a final fitting and do any tweaking as needed. I will do a follow up on what happens on that visit. I want to say I am encouraged by the process and feel very comfortable this could be the best shaft and head combination I have every had. STAY TUNED!!

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