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Picking up my New Driver with a TPT Golf Shaft

I got the call, my new driver is ready for me to pickup. I told my personal club fitter I would be able to stop by the next morning so we could make any final last-minute adjustments, the driver head is adjustible so I can select lie angle, loft and whether I want a draw bias.

I arrived at Club Champion in Willowbrook, and met with Roger Paiz. We went directly to one on the hitting bays so I could warmup. I was excited. Roger told me how the club was set up. and I began hitting balls with my current driver so we had a baseline to compare the two clubs. My driver heads are from the same manufacturer and grips are both a mid-size for a more comforatable grip for me. After I got warmed up we bagan recording the date from each shot. One thing I noticed from my swings during the fitting is that my swing speed was up, anywhere from 3 to 6 miles an hour.

Once I had a good selection of recorded shots, I switched to my new driver and began hitting balls again. After about a half dozen shots Roger stopped me because he noticed my flight angle was higher than we wanted. He adjusted the club to reduce my loft and I started again. Much better, swing speed still up, smash factor was good, launch angle was optimal and as a result I was getting more distance. Being a weekend-golfer, and without really playing this year my shot pattern was a little scattered, but that is me not the clubs fault.

Once I had hit enough balls for a good comparison, I had my results. GOOD NEWS!!! My carry distance increase on average about 10 yards, some shots were a little better, but getting 10 yards extra with my swing speed, I'll take it. That is a one club difference when going for the green. I would rather hit a 7 iron instead of a 6 iron. Wedge instead of a 9 iron.

Over all my thoughts about the fitting process were excelent, Roger had been a big help, and obvioulsy the technology that went into the new shaft made a difference. I was rewarded by learning my swing was working well for me in the areas of Smash Factor and Spin Rate.

I know I am ready for this golf season. With my new driver I am expecting good things to happen. I would highly recommend having a personal fitting for any golfer wanting to improve their game and selecting the best equipment they can afford to make each shot the best it can be. For me the TPT shaft is not going to go unnoticed when I play.

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