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Copper Tech Golf Glove - Updated August 2, 2018

Several years ago, I got samples of the Copper Tech Golf Glove for review on the weekend-golfer.com website.

While I truly liked the glove, it had a great fit for my hand, it provided a secure feel to the club grip giving me a solid sense of control, and it had a built-in ball marker. At that time, I know now I could not and did not appreciate the full benefits of wearing the glove.

Moving forward to today, I am a bit older and get the chance to suffer from some of the same things we all do when we age. My arthritis, while never really a problem in the past flairs up throughout the year. Recently getting so bad that my hands had swollen to the point of needing to get my wedding band cut off.

Golf is one of those activities I really look forward to. Remember that a bad day on the golf course is better that a good day at work, or most other places, too. I decided that I was going to play even though my hands hurt like the devil and were a bit swollen. I had the pleasure of having Deb drive the cart and we enjoyed the day together.

Getting ready to go to the driving range I put on my shoes and grabbed a glove out of my bag and completed my warm-up routing and off to the first tee. I played with three other players and had a great time. It was toward the end of the front nine when I mentioned to Deb that my left hand was feeling much better. I had a lot less pain and gained some flexibility back too. I took special notice of the glove I was wearing and yes, it was a Copper Tech Golf Glove. I hadn't paid any attention at the time I put it on.

I finished the back nine shooting nine shots better than the front nine and finished playing bogey golf.

The next day I ordered more gloves and even decided to take a suggestion from the representative and get gloves for my right hand too. I am planning to wear them at night. I was told many people are experiencing good result with less pain in the morning.

I can say to you now that you might want to give these gloves a try if you have pain in your hands. If you do, select LOVETHEGLOVE from the promotional code area and get 10% off your order!


1. Copper infused technology improves health & performance.

2. Non-slip, woven. silicon pattern. improves slip resistance.

3. Supports improved circulation & oxygenation of working muscles.

4. Helps prevent strain. & fatique by keeping muscles warm.

5. Wicks sweat away from, the body to prevent chafing, rashes, & odor.

6. Provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness & pain. Reduce recovery time of muscles.

Available for women or men, left or right hand, Copper Tech gloves from Lady Classic Golf improves health & performance while you. enjoy playing golf. To discover more Lady Classic Golf products, please visit us at ladyclassic.com.

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