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Infamous18 - An Amazing PC Golf Game

AboutGolf’s® New PC Golf Game
Brings Chapman’s Infamous 18 to Life

MAUMEE, OHIO—AboutGolf—producer of blockbuster PC golf games such as Microsoft Golf and Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf—has introduced Loyal H. “Bud” Chapman’s Infamous 18 to avid gamers in time for the holiday season.

In one of the most incredibly detailed PC games ever created, the renowned Chapman’s legendary paintings of fantasy golf holes are sure to challenge both the mind and body of serious gamers. The Infamous 18 whisks players around the world to never-before-seen golf adventures—from atop the buildings of a bustling New York City skyline to the dreary surroundings of dimly-lit caverns, and from the breathtaking Grand Canyon to deep in the Redwood Forest.

Infamous 18 also includes two additional golf courses—Teeth of the Dog and The Myrtle Beach Tour—plus the Infamous 18 screensaver. And for online enthusiasts, the Infamous 18 Tour offers online tournaments, and closest-to-the-pin and long-drive contests.

Chapman’s holes are brought to life in amazing detail thanks to AboutGolf’s talented technicians. Reproducing Chapman’s holes was extremely laborious—the game took more than three years to produce—and was meticulously handled by AboutGolf’s highest-ranking course developers. The company added to its team of 3D graphics developers to produce high-end particle-effect and multilayer-texture technology to enable stunningly vivid, realistic effects such as volcanoes, flowing waterfalls, grass blowing in the wind and crashing surf worthy of Chapman’s hole locations. Chapman also created some amazing art for the game by painstakingly sketching the parts of the holes you don’t see in his paintings.

“It’s just amazing on how close this game comes to recreating my golf holes,” Chapman says. “It’s just how I imagined them to be. What a shock and thrill to actually see them come to life.”

Chapman also designed the four characters featured in the game. One of them, Big John Steele, is a unique individual based on Chapman’s regular caddy many years ago. While Steele was a homeless alcoholic, he was also a genius with a photographic memory, and was able to recite everything he’d ever read verbatim.

The Infamous 18 goes well beyond the other PC golf games on the market in terms of accuracy, physics, and playability relative to the real game of golf.

“Computer golf games have been stagnating for over 10 years,” says Bill Bales, AboutGolf’s CEO. “Where other golf games have gotten obsessed with player expressions and crowds whose body movement follows the ball, our focus has been to deliver a more fulfilling experience in actually playing the game. The spectacular scenery and graphics of the Infamous 18 course, coupled with our extremely accurate shot physics, to me provides a much better user experience.”

Infamous 18 is available now from Edwin Watts’ catalog and website, and at all Edwin Watts stores nationwide. Infamous 18 will also be available at PGA TOUR Superstore and other locations in time for Christmas delivery. Infamous 18 will also be available at www.aboutgolf.com.

AboutGolf is an 18-year-old Maumee, Ohio-based company that’s a subsidiary of Friendly Software. AboutGolf has produced Microsoft Golf, Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf and World Tours, which is the world’s most-widely-distributed golf simulation, and now is the world leader in indoor golf simulator technology. AboutGolf® is a registered trademark of AboutGolf Limited, Maumee, Ohio.

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The Long View of Improved Putting

by Chip Heyl

The Long View of Improved Putting is for every golfer who wants to improve their putting. All golfers with back problems, yips, or even inconsistent putting should read it.

The long putter has proven to be a valuable alternative to poor putting with the short putter. This text illustrates that very good players have gone to the long putter rather than suffering through prolonged slumps where their putting adversely affects the rest of their game.

Whether as a temporary measure, or permanent fix, every serious golfer should know how the long putter can help their game become better and more consistent.

Order it today!.

Bob Burns Golf

Roll-In Putter.

A closed-face angle built into the head design lends itself to more easily striking the ball with a square clubhead. In addition, increased perimeter weighting is placed inside the head in the toe and hell areas to expand the overall sweet spot and increase the "moment of inertia" - the resistance to twisting.

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