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Arnold Palmer's Golf Card Game

Arnold Palmer's Golf Card Game

Your golf game has just been rained out...

Looking for a fun game to play...




This game is to be played "... for those times Off the Course."

Any game that you can play on the course, can be played off the course with our Card Game.

If your game is heads up nine or eighteen holes, Skins, Match Play or 36 or 72 Hole Tournament play, this game is for you.

If you have a group or league that is rained out, simply break out several "Arnold Palmer's Golf Card Games" and continue your league or tournament.

We are planning several "Arnold Palmer's Golf Card Game" tournaments around the country. The tournament is still in the planning stages, however we know it will be a 36 or 72 hole competition. Each Golfer advancing up or down the leader board until a final Champion is declared.

We are currently lining up Corporate Sponsors and hope to soon make our schedule available to the public. Watch for upcoming tournaments.

This game can be used for Charity Events or Fund Raisers. We don't have to tell you all how to do that, but if you need ideas, please contact us.


  • 110 Cards (two fifty-five-card decks)
  • Rules Book
  • Scorepad
  • Pencil & Tee
  • Priced at $14.95

Order yours today at www.arnoldpalmersgolfcardgame.com.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what the game has done for me. I look at the people I've met and the associations I've made through golf. If I had more, I'd give more. EVERYTHING I HAVE I OWE TO GOLF."

Arnold Palmer

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The Long View of Improved Putting

by Chip Heyl

The Long View of Improved Putting is for every golfer who wants to improve their putting. All golfers with back problems, yips, or even inconsistent putting should read it.

The long putter has proven to be a valuable alternative to poor putting with the short putter. This text illustrates that very good players have gone to the long putter rather than suffering through prolonged slumps where their putting adversely affects the rest of their game.

Whether as a temporary measure, or permanent fix, every serious golfer should know how the long putter can help their game become better and more consistent.

Order it today!.

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Roll-In Putter.

A closed-face angle built into the head design lends itself to more easily striking the ball with a square clubhead. In addition, increased perimeter weighting is placed inside the head in the toe and hell areas to expand the overall sweet spot and increase the "moment of inertia" - the resistance to twisting.

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