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SensoSolutions introduces right-handed glove, upgrades software for individualized grip customization

SensoGolve SensoGlove teaches correct grip pressure for smooth, consistent swing

AACHEN, Germany – SensoSolutions, creators of the first and only computerized golf glove, is adding a right-handed version of their glove to their line and upgrading the glove’s software to allow customization of the grip on each individual finger.

The gloves use highly-responsive, built-in sensors on each finger to read your grip pressure and provide real-time feedback throughout your swing.

“Using the SensoGlove will help teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores,” said David Bauer, SensoSolutions CEO. “With the gloves now available for either hand, golfers can maintain control of the pressure in their dominant and nondominant hands. Additionally, feedback from golf instructors who have implemented the glove into their teaching feel that a glove for both hands will be very helpful to student’s learning to maintain the proper grip throughout the swing.”

The SensoGlove’s software upgrade adds a feature that allows the sensitivity in each finger to be set separately, which means you can customize the glove to fit your personal grip type better.

“Now you can intentionally grip the club harder with certain fingers or decrease the sensitivity if you feel that it is too sensitive for your personal gripping style,” Bauer said. With the SensoGlove, golfers of all levels can experience exactly what the correct grip pressure feels like.

“Many of the students at our golf school struggle with grip pressure, said Mark Durland, Director of Instructions at Naples Grande Golf Club, Naples, Fla. and 2008 PGA Teacher of the Year for South Florida. “More than 90 percent of our students grip the club too tightly … it’s always been a challenge to communicate proper grip pressure to a student. The SensoGlove gives the student immediate feedback and creates a feeling of the proper grip pressure.”

According to Bauer, using the SensoGlove helps teach golfers improved rhythm and timing, higher club head speed and a more efficient and repeatable golf swing. “The SensoGlove is incredibly easy to use,” he said. “The glove reads and displays your grip pressure on to a sweat-proof lightweight computer attached to the back of the glove and warns you if you exceed your target level. The 1.2-inch LED screen shows you what finger is gripping too tight, so you can adjust your grip accordingly for a more consistent swing.”

The computer also has a built-in audio warning to let golfers know exactly when they are gripping too tightly during their swing. “Many golfers start out with a light pressure only to grip tighter at takeaway and through the backswing and downswing,” said Bauer. “The SensoGlove’s audio signal warns them when this happens.”

Made from the highest quality of Cabretta leather, the SensoGlove’s strategically placed sensors measure grip pressure 80 times per second. The sensors feed the data into the computer. Other than the computer plug in socket, the SensoGlove works just like any other glove, so you can use it during a practice round on the course.

During practice, golfers pre-set the computer to low or high sensitivity from 1-18. The highest settings (13-18) are most sensitive and encourage a very light grip pressure, particularly useful when chipping and putting. The lowest settings (1-12) are less sensitive and are designed to help golfers develop a lighter grip stage-by-stage.

“Many golfers who use the SensoGlove are amazed by how much pressure they actually apply unconsciously during their swing,” Bauer said. “By starting at a lower setting and moving through to the higher settings, they are able to modify their grip pressure over a short period of time until they reach the ultimate, light grip.”

The gloves are exceptionally durable and are available in men’s and ladies sizes S-XL for $89. If your glove wears out, keep the computer and simply reorder another glove for $25 at www.sensoglove.com. Just snap the computer onto the back of the new glove and you are on your way to maintaining a perfect grip. The gloves are used in numerous golf schools around the globe and are available not only online but through regional sales partners in many countries like Korea and Australia.

SensoSolutions is a German based company specialized in development of highly innovated ITsystems for sports-analysis, i.e. systems for motion- and performance measurement.

David Bauer
SensoSolutions GmbH CEO, Germany
+49 241 609 51790

Mike Leonard
Golf Marketing Services

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