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Do I Get A Drop? — Golf Rules Made Simple

Dave Anderson wrote Do I Get A Drop? after undertaking research to clarify the everyday issues that confront golfers, i.e. Do you get relief from a bare patch that may have some form of wheel track over it?

When is a path one that gives relief as distinct from one that does not?

How and where to drop a ball when taking relief in the various relief situations, i.e. What club to use in finding “nearest point of relief?”

What happens if the dropped ball rolls outside the 1 or 2 club length area? When is a re-drop required?

The answers to these questions, and to numerous other regularly occurring situations, few club golfers know.

His study was not with the object of writing a book, but rather to learn the truth. It was only as he learned how little he did know, (and if him, so too most other golfers), that it became apparent how useful a book that could quickly answer everyday questions would be.

The result is Do I Get A Drop? answers everyday questions, and some more obscure questions, almost instantly; which makes it a tool that every golfer, beginner to professional, should carry. It should be mandatory for course marshalls and golf commentators.

This is really a cool book with a ton of information packed into a small size. I recommend it highly.

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