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The Distance Measurement Mechanical Putter


The putter with a distance measurement mechanism ( function )

Let me begin by commenting about this putter and grip. The inventor is from Japan and we have a bit of language differences. That being said we really found the grip measure system to really improve our distance control when putting.

The basic concept is to measure how far the ball rolls when using a back swing of 30cm. Prior to playing spend a bit of time on the practice green to calibrate the distance for the greens you will be playing.

Once you know that distance you can then measure other putters by following the simple instructions.

Stand over the ball, hold the putter so the top end of the grip is level with the horizon and note where the hole is by the markings on the grip. The markings will indicate the amount of back stroke needed to get the ball to the hole.

You will need to figure in the slope of the green, whether going up hill or down, to adjust for distance.

Included with the putter are instructions and there is a good video on their web site, http://www.dmmpdesign.co.jp/Summary-English.html.

Check back for more information. At the moment the grips and putters are not available in the US.

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